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MYOPEP Peptide Therapy – Empower yourself to achieve the best efficiency and productivity

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MYOPEP is a TGA-certified* weight loss and fitness enhancement supplement that combines unique active ingredient, colostrum (enriched with follistatin and leptin peptides), with a number of purified botanical extracts to help supercharge your body’s fat loss process and maximize your diet and exercise results.

Unveiling the latest in its class of innovative peptide solutions for effective fat loss, the developer of MYOPEP transforms the original peptide idea into a multi-dimensional, natural fat loss supplement, accessible by all.

Follistatin peptide and leptin, enriched in MYOPEP’s colostrum powder increase energy levels, energy consumption and fat breakdown and at the same time, reduce fat production, appetite and insulin resistence. Furthermore, MYOPEP improves muscular strength and endurance, mood and performance under stress with its other valuable botanical ingredients.

Take a look at MYOPEP’s multi-dimensional science that empowers you to achieve the best efficiency and productivity for your body. Your body is a powerful machine, so use our MYOPEP marvel to make it work even more effective.

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