Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol & Menaquinone-7

A vitamin synergy to strengthen your bones, arteries, and heart. Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 team up to optimise the metabolization and distribution of calcium in the body and more. The Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 are especially selected for this softgel to make them highly bioavailable for you.


Vitamin D comes in two main types, Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. They affect the amount of Vitamin D available for use in the body in the form of serum Vitamin D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D or 25(OH)D serum. The serum level is the best indicator of your Vitamin D status and can be an important gauge for osteoporosis (bone weakness) and rickets (bone malformation).


Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol is found to be significantly more effective in increasing the serum vitamin D in the body.


Vitamin K also has two main types, Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Compared to K1, K2 which is Menaquinone-7 stays longer in circulation and is not retained in the liver so that it can be redistributed to other tissues, such as bones and vasculature, to be involved in multiple cellular processes.


Within the Vitamin K2 subtypes, the Menaquinone-7 is specifically chosen for this supplement as it is the most beneficial form. Menaquinone-7 can be absorbed most efficiently and exhibit the highest bioavailability and biodistribution.


Synergy effects of ImmuneVit

The ImmuneVit synergy in the form of Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 extends beyond optimising calcium utilisation in the body as they also have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which support the immune system. K2 is also involved in regulating normal blood clotting.


Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol enhances the antimicrobial effects of macrophages and monocytes, which are important effector cells fighting against pathogens. Low Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol concentration is linked to upper respiratory tract infection including influenza, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and allergy asthma.


Menaquinone-7 offers various health benefits such as tissue mineralization, neuroprotection, energy metabolism and anti- inflammation. Studies support its protective role in chronic aging conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and inflammation.

Synergy effects of D3-K2

Both Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 play important roles in maintaining strong bones and muscles. Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 are an indispensable assistant for the proper binding of calcium to the bone matrix.


Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism, thus is a key player in bone-formation.


Menaquinone-7 helps to bind newly absorbed calcium to the mineral matrix in bone through its activation of the protein osteocalcin. In addition, Menaquinone-7 has been found to help maintain bone mineral density by decreasing the activity of osteoclasts, a cell that breaks down the bone matrix.

Both Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 impart an immune modulation effect. Higher serum levels of Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol and Menaquinone-7 were associated with stronger immune functions and balanced inflammatory responses.

Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol deficiency is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Studies have linked Activated 7-Dehydrocholesterol with improvements in blood pressure and arterial stiffness.


The potential role of Menaquinone-7 in supporting cardiovascular health is associated with the ability to prevent the calcium from being deposited in the arteries.


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